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Chittagonian | Ethnologue



A language of Bangladesh

Alternate Names
Chatgaiyan Buli, Chatgaya, Chittagonian Bengali
চাঁটগাঁইয়া বুলি‎ (Caṭgăia Buli)

13,000,000 (2006 SIL).


Chittagong division: widespread.

Language Maps
Language Status

3 (Wider communication). Used as an L2 in Rangamati, Bandarban, Cox’ s Bazar, and Chittagong districts primarily for business and market.


Not inherently intelligible with Bengali [ben], although considered a nonstandard Bengali dialect. Dialects form a continuum from north to south, with a larger religious distinction between Muslim and others. Rohingya [rhg] in Myanmar is reportedly similar to the southern dialect of Chittagonian. Lexical similarity: 43%–64% with Bangla [ben].

Language Use

Home, family, religion. Many also use Bengali [ben], especially educated people who understand it but are not comfortable using it. Women in rural villages without access to television do not understand Bengali. Used as L2 by Bengali [ben], Chakma [ccp], Marma [rmz], Mru [mro], Rakhine [rki], Rohingya [rhg], Tippera [tpe].

Language Development
Lower literacy rate than most of the country. TV. Dictionary.

Bengali script [Beng], primary usage. Arabic script, Naskh variant [Arab]. Latin script [Latn].

Other Comments

Muslim, Christian, Hindu.

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